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The Anti Slip Studio Socks offer comfort and reliability in the studio. A silicone grip sole and internal silicone grip offer full support during your entire studio workout, so you can stay balanced and secure throughout – no slippin’.

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The Heat Seal Crew Socks provide comfort, cushioning and contouring with birds-eye stretch material, ribbing, and a flattering fit to the calf. Step with support and style from treadmill to sidewalk in this pair of crew socks. Dressing down meets glowing up; the Comfy Rest Day Socks bring cute and cosy together in perfect, luxurious harmony. Made with a thick, deep cuff viscose-based material and chunky design, they’re soft, snug and ever-stylish. Throw ‘em over your rest day leggings for an evening of boxsets you won’t want to forget.

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