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Nurses Who Love To Travel Gift Guide

Well.  I don’t think people usually start blogs off with gift guides.  But here we are.  It’s December.  I could talk about nursing options, jobs, careers – which I certainly will do in future blogs. 

But what do nurses actually want this time of year??  Besides pay increases and holidays off that I don’t have the authority to give?

Gifts.  That’s what.  And therefore, Gift guides.  For nurses.  So, whether you are looking for yourself or have a loved one that is a nurse – this is for you. 

I just went to Italy in September, so I have travel on my mind.  And not to mention….nurses love to travel.  Either for work as travel nurses.  Or because their work schedule allows for taking days off without taking PTO.  Hallelujah. 

So, I will start this series of gift guides off with a gift guide  for “NURSES WHO LIKE TO TRAVEL”.  And let me tell you.  I have personal experience with every single item on this list.  None of it was gifted.  I bought every single piece with my own money.  And some of these items on the list, I learned were needed the hard way – but not having them

I have made it easy for you.  I have listed the items here without a bunch of text.  For those who want more of a story behind why I personally like each of these items…scroll down.

What led me down this travel journey:

Honestly, over the years, I had grown tired of traveling. I have lived on the East Coast, West Coast, Texas, and many places in between. In one year, I had taken 25 roundtrips from Dallas to Washington, DC. I think that year did me in. I had come to hate flying. I hated airports. I hated the crowds. I hated waiting for luggage. I hated it all.

But I knew I needed to change my attitude. Both my work and seeing my family required air travel! And quitting my job and not seeing my family wasn’t an option. So, I was determined to change my attitude about it. No sense in continuing to hate something that is required. So…. I set out to find things that would make my travel life easier.

So this is a list of items that did just that. They made my travel life easier. So, if you are a nurse who travels for work or just leisure. This list is for you!

1. Beis carryon suitcase and weekender bag. Beis Travel Luggage

I was introduced to this brand by a friend and I absolutely love it. Specifically, the carryon suitcase and mini weekender bag. Lord knows I didn’t need another suitcase. But I wanted a a suitcase to carryon and a bag to go with it so that I didn’t have to check any luggage. That would make my travel life easier. I had a friend who mentioned this brand on her IG account and so I asked her about it. She said she loved the carryon suitcase because it fit in the overhead bins and the mini weekender bag fit perfectly under the seat in front of you. And I thought, “this is perfect”. So I bought them and I love them. They come in all sorts of colors. I actually love this new maple color they just came out with – it is absolutely to die for. Another feature of the mini weekender is the special bottom pouch. I love it because you can fit shoes in there. Therefore, freeing up more room in your carryon.

2. Zest Organic wrap. Zest Organics Travel Wraps

I don’t know about you but I feel like I experience a range of temperatures while flying. I am usually blazing hot when we take off and freezing within about 15 minutes. Am I right? Who else finds themselves fiddling with the knob above them? Lol Well, my solution for that problem was these wraps. I have 2 of them and I absolutely love them. They aren’t super heavy. They are easy to roll up and shove into the bag you brought onto the plane (in my case the mini weekender bag Beis Travel Luggage. They wrap around your shoulders with plenty left over to cover your upper legs. They also wash and dry well. And these also come in a variey of colors. I love them.


This is another thing I invested in in order to make my travel life easier. CLEAR Me. Just for the record, I have TSA PreCheck too. CLEAR is in at least 50 airports over the US and that number is growing. You might be thinking – isn’t this something someone has to do for themselves? Well yes…..but if you are buying for a loved one (nurse or otherwise) you can get them a CLEAR Me gift card. I used it in Atlanta and it was an absolute breeze. And, in my experience, there are multiple CLEAR employees at the kiosks ready to help you navigate the system if it’s your first time or if you run into any issues. I highly recommend it. So if you have a nurse you are buying for and they love to travel, this is a great idea!

4. Noise cancelling headphones – Boise Noise Canceling Headphones

Now this is one item that I didn’t have during my travel and I absolutely regretted it. I had the regular headphones – and they were awful. I would have so enjoyed being able to drown out all of the background noise and hear my music and movies better. I will not be without these again.

5. Comfy shoes – Uggs

Find me a nurse that doesn’t love Uggs. I’ll wait. Lol. When I travel, I wear my compression socks and my Uggs. It’s almost cliché isn’t it. But I don’t care. Cliches can be really fun. Like I said, I started this journey in order to make my travel life more enjoyable. I have learned that being comfortable is a must. And Uggs fit that bill over and over. And spoiler alert: not only do nurses love Uggs, but so does everyone else. You CANNOT go wrong.

6. Wireless Phone charger – Portable Wireless Phone Charger

You just never know what the charging and outlet situation is going to be at the airport on the plane and it absolutely best to be prepared. This charger has almost 15,000 reviews on Amazon and was really helpful during my travel. It is a must. It is also an easy gift that anyone would love and use.

7. Compression socks. Procompression Socks

I know, I know. You’re thinking of old people. Not the case!! If you are a nurse, then there is ZERO doubt that someone has mentioned the benefits of compression socks to you. It was the best advice I ever received! However – not only do they help with long workdays, they also help with longer flights. Every time I get off of a plane, I feel puffy and swollen. These compression socks really help relieve that feeling. And plus – most of us are nurses here – the truth is I’m scared to death of DVTs. LOL. And I am convinced that flying long distances with my compression socks will decrease my chances of getting one. So, if you have a nurse or anyone else you are buying for that travels a lot – buy them compression socks. I won’t fly without mine now!


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